About us

For 30 years we have manufactured a comprehensive range of quality buildings.
We take care and pride in our attention to detail and feel confident that you will find the product suitable for your needs
and want your building to be a use full addition to your garden.
Base Work
All Base work is the responsibility of the customer.
We require a firm level base upon which to install your building.
Bearers can be laid upon a prepared base allowing the circulation of air underneath the timber floor to help keep all timbers dry.
Please allow for a 4 inch roof overhang around the top of all sheds when measuring for your building.
All buildings are treated with a good quality wood preservative prior to leaving the factory.
We recommend that your re-treat your building at regular intervals to maintain its appearance and lifespan.
Site Access
Our buildings are very heavy and we will need a clear route for delivery and erection.
Please check for obstacles and restrictions that will prevent access to your property.
If you are unsure please ask us.