Weatherboard and Shiplap (Tongue & Groove) Construction Includes our low cost shed made by overlapping boards and our premium yet affordable sheds with a Tounge and Groove outer construction.


                                                                                           14x8 Shed and Summerhouse Combi


7 x 7 Tanalised & Shed

7 x 7 Tanalised Summerhouse & Shed

Bespoke Shed With Felt Tile Roof

Bespoke Shed With Felt Tile Roof

Weatherboard 8X6 Pent

Weatherboard 8X6 Apex Standard

Weatherboard 10X6 Apex

12X8 Shiplap Apex

8X6 Shiplap Apex

14X8 Shiplap Apex

12X8 Tanalised Apex

8X6 Tanalised Apex With Sloping Sides

16x8 Tanalised Apex

14x8 Tanalised apex workshop with double doors

All our sheds are very well constructed, ex38xex50mm framework is used on all Tanalised and shiplap sheds up to the size of 10x6 and ex50xex75mm framework is used on sheds from 10x8 upwards. All weatherboard sheds are made from ex38xex50mm framework. Shiplap cladding is ex16xex125mm and Tanalised cladding is ex19xex125. Tanalised and Shiplap has a substantial rebate to allow for any movement caused by moisture over time. Weatherboard cladding is 12.5x125 and treated with a high quality wood preservative and designed to last for years. Typical pent roof shed height is 6 foot to 6 foot 6 inches (6'6") and a typical apex roof shed is 6 foot ascending to 7 foot.

Sheds are based on floor size. If you order a 8x6 shed you get an 2.4mx1.8m floor, which means the roof is 4'' wider all the way round. Please allow for this when ordering your shed. Some manufacturers measure by roof size, therefore giving smaller floor space.

If you can't find a shed that you like then please call us to discuss your requirements. Alterations to style, size, position of doors, windows, type of flooring, roofing, etc. can be made to suit your needs.

Please take note: All our sheds and summerhouses require a firm level base to stand on!


Other sizes are available - Please ring us on 01398 351538 for our latest prices.

Also Available:

Double Doors  -Please call for a quote

Larger Single Door -Please call for a quote


16x8 Tanalised Shed